Geek+ solutions improved Verte's warehouse throughput by 4x


About Customer

Verte is an AI cloud-based supply platform provider that connects, unifies, and automates commerce operations, powering retailers to sell wherever their customers are and focus on scalable growth. 

The challenge

  • Complex requirements across multi-sellers 
  • Needing to implement faster throughput for better customer satisfaction

Our Solution

  • After purchasing 45 picking robots initially, Verte asked Geek+ to scale the solution to 130 picking robots and 3,000 racks in Verte's 750,000 sqft. warehouse in Georgia. Geek+ solutions enabled Verte to achieve greater warehouse productivity and meet rising consumer expectations.

The Geek+ impact

  • Scaled throughput 4x times
  • Implemented in less than 3 months
  • Improved inventory storage and picking efficiency for both inbound and outbound fulfillment
  • During peak season, Verte received over 250,000 units on the first shift with fewer than 50 staff-hours and didn't miss a single inbound or outbound service level agreement (SLA).

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